Custom Fitting

Here at Whalley golf club we provide static and dynamic fittings, making sure your clubs are the correct length and lie angle and enhance rather than hamper your game.

Beginners starter sets to improver clubs are all available in a variety of custom options to suit your build and game.

Impartial advice and common sense are here for every golfer.

Advice for swing room fittings with all the leading industry brands is also available Free of Charge.

What is Custom Fitting?

There’s no one size fits all when it comes to golf equipment.

I appreciate it can be tempting to search for bargains online to save some money, but is that going to give you the best chance to improve?

Usually, when someone speaks to me about upgrading their equipment it’s because they’re unhappy with what they’re currently using. In other words, they’re not hitting it how they’d like to or they’ve lost confidence.

This is when custom fitting and coaching can make a huge difference.

Over 30 years of professional golf experience, helping thousands of golfers has given me the knowledge, confidence and common sense needed to improve your game.

Why Custom Fitting?

  • Clubs matched to your swing
  • Improved accuracy and distance
  • Bad shots are improved
  • More value from your investment
  • Greater confidence

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